Photoshop to Me

The way that I met photo shop was very coincidental.

Out of nowhere, my friend just suggested Adobe Photoshop CS, and wanted to give me the application.

So I didn’t think bad of it (although I didn’t know anything about it, or how to use it) so I accepted it.

Then I surfed the internet to see the cool effects that I can do, and there were so many that I was dumbfounded.

I couldn’t believe I didn’t meet photo shop way before.

With photo shop I was able to alter or create images in ways that I wanted to.

One of the main reason Korean girls learn photo shop is to alter their photo to look more beautiful.

It wouldn’t be being completely honest if I said I didn’t care about altering my own photo :P, but the other effects, like mosaic or rainbow effect, also dazzled me.

The moment I open photo shop and start working on a new project, time flies by so quickly that in just a blink of an eye, two hoursor so has passed.

I like to show my friends the works that I have done, (showing them the before and the after photo to emphasize my work)

and I enjoy the fact that I can create a work of my own to show to others.

Although I am not near of being an expert in Photo shop, I really hope to become one some day.

I am really glad that I was able to come across Adobe Photoshop, and learn about the wonders of altering photographs.


Some Works that I’ve done:


[Black and White effect, inserting the calendar]

[Color effect with Rainbow effect]



Another Effect

Personally, I really like this effect.

Even though it may be a little harder than any other effects, it gives a cool feeling of many pictures.

Here are the easy steps to follow:

1. Choose a picture wanted to create the effect

2. Duplicate layer (Ctrl + J)

3. With the duplicated layer, Go to “Filter” —> “Render” —-> “Clouds”

[Make sure to choose a color before clicking!]

4. Go to “Filter” —> “Texture” —> “Patchwork”

[Square Size = 1 ~4 ; Relief = 1]

5. Change layer Opacity to 45%


I learned this effect from a blog on Naver, also.

Blogs really do help in learning Photo shop effects!


[This is what I worked on for 10 minutes…ish? It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be.

I think it may be the color choice! 😛  Can you spy the mosaic effect??]

Playing with photo shop is very entertaining. It’s hard to keep track how fast the time is ticking.

Creating an image with the feeling that I want to give, it’s amazing.

Just with simple tricks such as giving it “Texture” makes the photo so much more different.

I enjoy creating these “Mains” (As Koreans enjoy calling the photo shopped photo) for

the books I read, or the song, music video that I enjoy listening to or watching.

Although sometimes the photos don’t turn out the way I want it to (even after working on it for 6 hours-ish)

the reason why I continue working with photo shop is because I still enjoy every part of it.

[And yes, even my failures]

Need a Change??

This time around, I want to teach you how to DYE your hair color on Photo shop.

If you were wondering how you would look with a specific hair color, this is the time to check with your very good eyes!

This trick is very simple.  Much simpler than most effects.

First, you pick your photo that you want to work with.

Then you create a “New Layer”.

Now simply, you click on your brush and color in the are of your hair.

When you do so, you change the effect of the layer to  “Soft Light”.

To give it a more realistic effect, erase the coloring that does not lie on your hair.

TADA! You are done now.

Wasn’t that very simple and easy for a cool trick??

You can try out with almost any photo you like.

Personally, I really like this effect.

As previously mentioned in past posts, photo shop is a great way of putting on “make up”, just electronically.

Changing the hair color is one of the ways to “beautify” a photo of yourself.

Or if simply if one is interested in coloring their hair… Either or… It’s a cool effect!

I had learned this trick from this blog on Naver VVVV


Although its in Korean, by looking at the photos, I don’t think It will be that hard to figure out what to do.

There are countless number of blog posts on Naver on photo shop skills.

They are kind enough to take a photo on everything, so following along is no big deal.


Issue on Photoshop

I was surfing through the web, and I came across 2 interesting articles.



(This blog post has great biased thoughts, I hope no one gets mad D:)

From these two articles I had found out about the usage of Photoshop in Media.

The way that the actresses, singers, celebrities, and models are “changed” seems almost as bad as the actual plastic surgery itself. (Not that cosmetic surgery is THAT bad.. 😛 Just my opinion. Don’t hate, APPRECIATE hehe)

These are some photos that I have found online:

[There’s a great difference in the girl’s body shape in this advertisement]

[The effects and the little changes create a huge difference in the effectiveness of the photo]

[There was an issue where the changes seemed too obvious]

The issue is this:

from the works of Photoshop, the representation of the people of media are not genuine.  Through these unrealistic representations,  the model of the teenagers and the viewers will be greatly altered.

Personally, I believe that the works of Photoshop is not as bad as what the articles state.

Although I do agree that sometimes the works of the technology can get a little freaky, as much as people use cosmetic surgery and make ups, photo shop is just another way to “beautify” one self.

Maybe if the issue of Photo shop is getting worse by the moment, the issue will get serious.  However, as long as the viewers find out that the represented pictures are mainly not genuine, it won’t bring much problem to the society.

The insecurity of the appearance people have of oneself is what creates these problems.

As long as everyone is confident of his or her appearance, I don’t think these problems will occur.

(Photo from links)

Creating a Comic

This post will be about creating an artwork on the computer.

Many may wonder how an artwork is created on Photoshop, but this is just one of several ways that one may follow.

So this is how (from hand drawn to computer drawn) art is created:

When creating a professional comic online, many people use the tablet and photoshop to finish the work.

First, an out line is drawn by hand on a paper.  Then, it is scanned well enough to see the lines.

This is where photoshop budges in.  Using the photoshop application, open the scanned outline.

Then with the tablet, draw over the outline with a black colored pen.

After outlining on computer, coloring can be done however way one wants it to.

Then your drawing will be complete.

Since I am lacking skills and materials to show these procedures, I have found many toons online.

These are from the site, comics.naver.com, called “Webtoon”.

The authors and artists of Webtoon mostly uses the tablet and photoshop to complete their duty in creating

the story that they want to.

Whether the story be funny:

or romantic:

The little procedures that follow along the way make the art the masterpiece that it is.

Jo, Seok. “Sound of the Heart.” Comics.naver.com. Naver, 17 May 2011. Web. 18 May 2011. <http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=20853&no=525&weekday=tue&gt;.

Seok, Woo. “Orange Marmalade.” Comics.naver.com. Naver, 14 May 2011. Web. 18 May 2011. <http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=293520&no=14&weekday=sat&gt;.

Pray for Japan

This is off theme of Photoshop, but I felt the need to talk about the recent Japanese Earthquake crisis.

As most people know, there was a tragic earthquake of 8.9 in Japan, and it “shook” the world.

The devastating news has brought many into tears and many into support.

Being neighboring country, Korea has done and is participating in helping out as much as possible.

From donating money to just as little as taking pictures, many are trying to help Japan to get back up on two feet to run again.


[This is one of the major project of Korea helping out Japan.]

Pray for Japan.

Even if it may be a little task, Pray for Japan.

Although the crisis may have brought great grief, I believe that “hope” will help bring Japan back on track.

Although economy of Superpower Japan may not be as super anymore, I believe that Japan will be able to get back to running again.

Every cut heals eventually.  Even if that cut may leave a scar, I hope that the scar will help strengthen Japan, and remind them that they are strong enough to win any crisis that may come crashing into them.

Get strong Japan.

Sorry if anyone was offended even the slightest bits of my words.

But I truly will pray for Japan.

I was searching up some cool effects on Photoshop, and I came across MANY

Sample sites like: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/41-nicest-photoshop-photo-effects-photoshop-tutorials/

Mixing all these effects can give so much of a cool effect 🙂

Personally, I really like the rainbow effect.  I think it is very simple and easy, but yet

gives such an amazing feeling to the photos.

Some effects shown, such as the aging effect seems WAYYYY TOO HARD for me.

So I always choose easier steps for me to build into the harder ones 😛

One of the hard parts of researching on giving effects on photos on photoshop is that

although there is a picture tutorial for many, they are usually for photoshop in PC or different version on the MAC.

It is hard when the version is different, because all of the tools are aligned differently and et cetera.

However, there is always the “help me” tool that I always use in order to find the tools that I am searching for.

Next time I will try learning most of the effects as time passes on, and I’ll set my self a goal.

I will use all or most of the effects shown on the page into one single photo as a project!

(Even thinking about it seems very hard D: but easy projects aren’t worth it :P)

I think Photoshop is one of the main tools necessary to convert photos into the exact feeling wanted to show.

I think it is another form of art.. Definitely.